We are 1842 Alchemist Gin

1842 Alchemist was born out of our passion for traditional hand distilled spirits and a mission to create exceptional gin with premium natural ingredients and authentic independence. Like all good food and drink, we believe that well-made spirits can be some of life’s greatest pleasures, we use alcohol as a medium to capture and express brilliant flavours, creating adventures with every sip.

The location of our distillery is also pretty incredible, a self-built distillery located in the heart of Lancashire is surrounded by outstanding countryside and ancient woodlands, boasting an abundance of edible roots, shrubs and flowers that can be foraged and blended perfectly to create our recipes.

 Looking back, our decision to create 1842 Alchemist was an obvious one. With our background in science and 40 years collective experience in the spirits industry, we had a long standing ambition to create our own brand, I'm surprised we didn't do it sooner!  

We don't imitate, We innovate, We are 1842 Alchemist Gin and we welcome you to join us on our journey!

We know a thing or 2 about Gin

About 1842 alchemist Gin

We firmly believe our customers are looking for authenticity and credibility when choosing their gin and we are there to guarantee those promises. Our gins are all single shot distilled, meaning that every part of our gin has been in contact with botanicals and we never use a concentrate.

We always stay true to tradition, our small batch London dry gin is created with historic recipes in mind, but of course with an 1842 Alchemist twist. All our gins are made by our master distiller in small batches of 40-60 bottles per run, and then individually filled, labelled and numbered by hand, we have control over each step of the process which allows us to ensure the quality and consistency of each batch. 

Our spirit is made from pure 100% English wheat, to which we then add a collection of 11 botanicals, both foraged locally and also sourced from distant lands. 

Then using only traditional methods the botanicals are blended beautifully to produce  our London dry gin, light and delicate with a deep complex floral aroma and a full flavoured warm spicy finish which excites and stimulates the senses, 

Our London dry gin is a truly harmonious spirit, formidable both as a base for cocktails and in a classic G&T.

About our Gin Liqueurs

We are constantly striving to innovate and create spirits that our customers will love, and other distilleries haven’t thought of yet. By understanding how flavours blend, we endeavour to push our boundaries by infusing our 1842 Alchemist London dry gin to create a range of exquisite gin liqueurs to tantalise your tastebuds.

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